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Glass Seals

   Rubber glazing / panel seals:                Prices start from £1.25 + fitting.    VIEW FITTING RATE GUIDE 

Window FiX can repair / replace any rubber gasket glazing seal regardless of age or make. Most glazing seals shrink over time and leave the corners
of the frame exposed to the weathering. Even when a gasket is over 20 years old and no longer manafactured, we are able to match a similar new
gasket seal to rectifie the problem.
[Double Glazing Repairs / uPVC Gaskets]

Gasket Seals

   Gaskets / Seals:                                                Prices start from £0.90 + fitting.   VIEW FITTING RATE GUIDE 

Replacement gasket comes in many different sizes and styles, However the cost can vary depending on supplier and the amount of gasket required
to re-seal. Window FiX stocks a wide range of gasket seals and are able to order any seals needed within a 48 hour period.
[Double Glazing Repairs / uPVC Gaskets]  
Weather Seals
   Window / Door Silicone Weather Seals:           Prices start from £2.97 + fitting.    VIEW FITTING RATE GUIDE

Window FiX can remove worn / damaged weather seals on any existing window or door and replace with new weather-proof silicone seals.
[Double Glazing Repairs / uPVC Doors / upvc Windows]

Frame Seals

   Frame gaskets and alignments:                          Prices start from £0.90 + fitting.   VIEW FITTING RATE GUIDE 

Gasket frame seals often just need to be cleaned re-fitting / aligned to restore your windows or doors weather-proofing. Window Fix in most
cases can repair your windows or doors weather-proofing without having to re-new the oringinal seals.
[Double Glazing Repairs / uPVC frames]